Permanent Canadian Visas

Canada has become one of the favorite countries to work, live or study. This is because the country is one of the safest in the world, and its economy is flourishing. According to the International Monetary Fund, Canada is the world’s tenth-largest economy as of 2018, with a nominal GDP of approximately US$1.73 trillion. 

However, to be able to visit, work, live or study in Canada, most people need a visa. 


It is essential to keep in mind that even if the visa is approved by the Canadian government, the border officials are those who will verify the visa and decide whether to let you in or not to the Country.

These are the categories of Canada visas:

  1. Temporary Canada Visas for short term stays
  2. Permanent Canada Visas for long term stays

In this article, we will be talking only about the Permanent Canada Visas for long term stays. To know more about the Temporary Canada Visas, go to this link. 

Permanent Canada Visa: what you need to know 

A permanent Canadian visa is a type of document that allows foreigners to be in the country permanently. It is similar to the Green Card of the United States. 

If an immigrant manages to obtain a permanent visa, he/she can stay in Canada indefinitely; also, he/she enjoys the right to work and study legally.

Upon obtaining this visa, the immigrant is considered a permanent resident of Canada. But, there are some benefits enjoyed by people who managed to get the Canadian permanent visa:

  • Medical care coverage
  • Right to work, study and live anywhere in the country
  • Protection, rights, and freedoms granted by the Canadian government
  • If the person is eligible: can apply for Canadian citizenship

However, to obtain and maintain the benefits of a permanent visa, you must:

  1. Pay taxes
  2. Respect the law

Even if you become a permanent resident of Canada, you cannot vote or run for political office, and you cannot obtain for jobs that require a high-level security authorization.

When the visa is approved, you will have access to a Permanent Resident Card, also known as the PR Card, which you must take with you at all times since this is the one that shows that you are a resident of that country.

After obtaining the PR card, you must live in Canada for 2 years, within five years. If you do not comply with this condition, you will lose the status of a permanent resident.

Other ways to lose the permanent visa:

  • In the event that an adjudicator decides that you are not a permanent resident after consultation or appeal
  • By voluntarily resigning from your residence
  • If you are deported
  • When you become a Canadian citizen

You must comply with all the rules and laws that the government of Canada dictates in order to be able to remain a permanent resident of Canada.

Categories of the Permanent Canada Visas

There are different types of permanent visas, and it will depend on your situation to obtain the most appropriate one. There are 4 categories, and each one has its own visa:

  • When you find a permanent job in Canada
  • When your family sponsors your permanent residence
  • When you invest or open a business in the country
  • Other circumstances

When you find a permanent job in Canada:

One of the easiest ways to get a permanent visa from Canada is if you find a job in the country; According to the different programs offered by the Government of Canada, you can obtain a visa.

Federal Specialized Trades Program

This program is offered by the Canadian government to qualified immigrants in a specialized trade area, and allows these people to become permanent residents of Canada quickly; this, to attract and retain skilled labor force in the country.

The Federal Specialized Trade Program of Canada was developed by the Department of Immigration and Government of Canada in 2013, due to the existing shortage of skilled workers in fast-growing areas.

Who can apply for this program?

  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Machinists
  • Ironworkers
  • Welders
  • Crane Operators
  • Heavy-duty Equipment Mechanics
  • Plumbers, etc.

Federal Program for Skilled Workers

This visa program is only for Skilled Workers required in Canada. To apply for this program, you must first investigate if the occupation is needed in the country, after confirming, the application can be submitted. 

Provincial Nominee Program

In the case of provincial programs, it is for semi or low-skilled workers who can still contribute to the Canadian economy. These workers are located in the different provinces of Canada where the demand is much higher.

Program of qualified workers selected in Quebec

To apply for this program, you must speak fluent French. When applying for and accepting the visa, you can move and work permanently in this city.

Sponsorship for your family

If you have close relatives in Canada, whether parents, children or spouse, whether they have permanent residency or they are citizens, you can be sponsored and apply for this program. 

Open a business or invest in Canada

The Government of Canada provides permanent residence to all those who want to invest or start their own businesses in the country. This is because the economy of this country is in developing rapidly.

There are different ways to apply for this visa:

Immigrant Investor Program

This program grants a permanent visa to immigrants with a net patrimony of at least CAD $ 800,000 that will make investments in the Canadian economy.

Likewise, they must invest at least CAD $ 400,000 and the government will return the investment in 5 years without interest.

Immigrant Investor Program – Entrepreneur Program

The visa is granted to those persons with at least a net worth of CAD $ 300,000 and if they decide to participate individually in the economic contribution of the country. You must commit to owning as well as administering at least one-third of a Canadian company.

In addition, you must create and maintain a job within 3 years that must remain in the country.

Self-employed workers program

This visa is granted to those who have the following skills:

  • Business
  • Sports
  • Culture
  • or Agriculture

And that they are able to start their own businesses, but in order to apply for this visa, they must prove that they are able to finance their business and demonstrate the skills in those areas.

Other types of permanent visas

These do not fit the previous categories but are valid ways to opt for permanent residence in Canada.

Live-in caregiver program

It is given to caregivers who are qualified to care for the elderly, disabled or children who live in a private home in Canada.

Canadian experience class

This visa is granted to those who have a temporary student visa or a temporary worker visa and wish to change to permanent resident status.

What do you need to apply for the Permanent Canada Visas?

To apply for a Canadian visa, you must fulfill some general and specific requirements:

The general requirements for Permanent Visas are:

  • Be at least 18 years old, if you are not 18 years old, you must do it with your legal tutor
  • Valid passport with at least one blank page, this MUST NOT BE THE LAST PAGE
  • Translate all documents into English or French; These must be translated by an authorized and verified translator
  • 2 photos which must follow the standard requirements of the government of Canada
  • Criminal history, which must be impeccable
  • Pay the fees and processing fees
  • Go through a visa interview, as well as give biometric information
  • Sign and supplement a consent form from the Visa Application Center (VAC)
  • Have a medical examination
  • Submit an Application for Permanent Residence (aPR)

If you are opting for a visa for employment, then you will need all the relevant documentation; In case it is a sponsored visa for a relative, then you must prove your relationship with that person. In case of being a business visa, show the net worth you have.

How to apply for a permanent Canadian visa?

  1. Visit the Government of Canada website and go to Immigrate and then to “Find out if you can apply.” Take the questionnaire and wait for the results.
  2. If you qualify for any of the permanent visas, you will get a reference code and instructions on how to apply for it.
  3. You must create an account using the banking information or with the code that the Government of Canada (GCKey) provides. 
  4. Now, you must send the request by entering the reference code and completing the necessary documents.
  5. When you send the application, you will have to pay the fees
  6. Wait for the processing and, if necessary, attend an interview about the visa and provide biometric information (fingerprint and identification document)
  7. Check your account frequently to see if there are notifications about the status of your visa processing.
  8. If your visa is approved, send your passport by mail according to the instructions that the Consulate of Canada sends you with the processing fees.
  9. The Consulate will seal the visa in your passport and send it to the Permanent Resident Travel Card (PRTC) with your passport by mail.
  10. You can travel to Canada and wait for your Canadian public relations card to be mailed to you.
  11. Congratulations! You are a Canadian permanent resident.